In this article, I am going to share with you the “Best App for reading manga, manhwa & manhua.

Over the years, I have used many apps to read the manga. Before 2020, there was one manga reading app everyone was using. Its name was Manga Rock. But after 2020, they shut this app completely. After that, I downloaded many apps and tried each one of them. But no app had a rich library like manga rock.

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Features that Best Manga App should have:

  • Rich library
  • Easy to use
  • Should show updates for manga
  • Should have a place to save your favorite manga
  • It should also have infinite scroll
  • Can download manga
  • Updates frequently
  • It should also show notify when any manga get chapter update

Do you think the app that you use has these options?

Most people’s answer would be no cause there is hardly any app that has these features. These apps don’t even have these, but they also have lots of ads. Every time you open these apps, it will flood you with ads instead of manga.

But what if I told you there is one app that has these features?

There is one app that has all the manga you can think of. You find every manga you can think of, by just searching them in the app. And it doesn’t even have any ads. You can download unlimited manga using this app. It even gets updates frequently and constantly new and new manga re-added every day.

The app that has these features and is undoubtedly the best app for reading manga is “Tachiyomi“.

Features of Tachiyomi

  • No ads
  • Allows unlimited download
  • Has multiple reading modes
  • Has Light/Dark mode
  • Allows tracking on sites like anime-planet & others
  • Easy to read any manga using this app

Tachiyomi is undoubtedly the best app for reading manga. I have been using it for more than a year now. I will even use it in the future unless the apps shut themselves down.

From where can you download Tachiyomi?

Tachiyomi is not available on Google play store. To download this app, go to their website.

Tachiyomi: Best app for reading manga

After heading to their site, click on the download button to download the app. You will be asked to choose between the stable and the beta one. I’ll prefer you download the stable version from there. Install the app to your phone and then start using it to read the manga.

I have mentioned all the advantages of the manga app ‘Tachiyomi’, but there are also some minor disadvantages of this best manga app that you should know.

Disadvantages of Tachiyomi

  • It is not easily understandable if you are using for the first time
  • Some extensions don’t really work

Aside from these 2 disadvantages, there aren’t any major ones.

The developers of tachiyomi constantly keep working on the app to make it better and better. You will see that they constantly keep making changes to make it better by fixing all the bugs’ issues.

They also keep bringing more and more features that make it much better. Overall, there is no app out there that has these functions in 1 app.


Google play store is flooded with manga apps and constantly more and more manga apps are added there. But from my experience, I have not seen 1 app that will fulfill all your needs. So you will have to download multiple apps for reading manga.

But just by using Tachiyomi, there won’t be any need to download any more apps. This one app will take care of all your needs when it comes to reading manga. You will not need any more apps except for this one. With all of this, I can conclude that Tachiyomi is undoubtedly the best app for reading manga.

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